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What is Lean Construction?

In this article, we will explore is lean construction, what is the purpose of it and how it is being implemented in the construction industry.

Lean construction is a tool based methodology that is used in production industries to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and possibly increase profitability. It is based on the principles of the Toyota Production System. This approach to project management simply aims to provide value to customers while minimizing the time, money, and resources needed to complete the project.

Purpose of lean construction

The purpose of it is to reduce waste and improve efficiency while also increasing profitability. It takes a look at the entire construction process from beginning to end. Then identifies areas of waste and focusing on improving these areas. It also increases customer satisfaction and quality of product.

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Design and approach

Lean construction is based on the core principles of the Toyota Production System, which seeks to eliminate waste. It increases productivity, and reduces costs. Following approach focuses on understanding customer needs and delivering value to the customer. It also focuses on the following.

•Firstly identifying waste and eliminating it from the process
•Secondly, Improving the flow of information and resources
•Optimizing processes and workflow
•Implementing continuous improvement
•Lastly engaging workers and improving morale

Findings from lean construction

Lean construction is something more and more companies are implementing into their daily processes. The mentioned advantages throughout the article are enough to convince the innovative thinking people.

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