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How it works

Welcome to our “How It Works” page for our construction software! Learn about the modules in our “Business” & “Business Plus” versions and their features & benefits for increased efficiency & business success. From project management to time tracking and document management, our software is designed to streamline your processes and increase efficiency.

Business version

Work with site documentation

Document manager

Adding object-related documentation (contracts, procurement documentation, documents related to the construction process, insurance, employees and partners, etc.) to a specific construction site of object and online storage in a unified system. Files of any format can be uploaded.

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Registry of construction objects

The possibility to create own profile for each construction site or object with an individual card, which stores the documentation related to the construction object and provides easy-to-view basic information in one place – site or object name, address, description, customer,…

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 Agreement registry

Possibility to register all contracts with customers/subcontractors together, indicating the most important details of the contract on the register card – service recipients and providers, contract period, warranty periods, total amounts, prepayment amounts in percentage, as well as contract and warranty…

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Summary calendar

The system collects and reflects in the form of a calendar all current events and deadlines that the user has specified in various fields in this system. The calendar is the system’s home screen and includes a reminder function. Events…

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Work with the contact database


Employee database 

The possibility to add and use the database of employees of the company and cooperation partners in an online mode. An individual card can be created for each person, which contains contact information, the position held, the attached construction sites/objects…

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Database of cooperation partners

Here, the exists possibility to add and use online the database of the company’s cooperation partners (customers, subcontractors, suppliers, service providers, equipment renters) with contact information and details.

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Work with reports

“Included” and “excluded” works

The system allows you to easily and transparently make changes to cost estimates by reducing or increasing volumes in any position and by excluding or adding a new position. After making changes, a report of “included” and “excluded” works and…

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Budget estimate editor 

Here, the possibility exists to create a budget estimate from the contract estimate and adjust the entire column or each item individually – or to export it in MS Excel format. In addition, it is possible to delegate one or more…

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Forms “No. 2” and “No. 3”

The quantities of work/work carried out for a given period may be indicated under the headings of the estimate. The system automatically generates Form “No. 2” and Form “No. 3” reports based on the data entered for the selected reporting period. When…

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Importing of an MS Excel cost estimate 

Possibility to import contract estimate in MS Excel format with all local cost estimates, which are accurately reflected in the system in the form of a list – with names, estimate items, local estimate names and items, amounts and volumes, as…

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Business plus version

Work with technical equipment/machinery units

Equipment registry

Possibility to create a database of machinery/motor transport units in the system, categorizing by the respective application. An individual registration card can be created for each unit, indicating the name of the machinery/motor vehicle, technical parameters, identification number, registration data,…

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Equipment data control

Possibility to indicate control dates and important deadlines for each equipment/vehicle unit – mandatory insurance, KASKO insurance, technical inspection, maintenance, special technical permits, oversized permits, last and next inspection, license, expiration date of fire extinguisher and first aid kit, etc. The system…

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Work with finances

Construction profitability summary

Possibility to reflect all financial data for each construction site or object together in the system – revenues (total amount/-s for customer contract/-s), expenses (subcontractor, administrative, material technical, shared), financial balance, materials (purchased/balance), labour force and equipment costs. It’s also possible…

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 Registry of incoming invoices

Possibility to register all incoming invoices in the system, attribute them to one or more construction objects and specify the due date of invoice payment. Incoming invoices for construction objects under construction can be divided in proportion to the scope…

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Forms from the subcontractor

Possibility to receive performance scope/work reports (Forms “No. 2” and “No. 3”) from subcontractors in the system for the delegated estimate items, approve/reject executed amounts and comment on the estimate items. Approved subcontractor reports can be automatically added to your Form “No. 2”…

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Export of payments to the bank 

Possibility to combine incoming invoices into one file and export to any Latvian internet bank. Several invoices addressed to one recipient can be combined into one payment – the system will automatically collect and indicate the specific invoice numbers.

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Generation of outgoing invoices

The system allows you to generate outgoing invoices for executed volumes from Form “No. 2” and “No. 3” reports. The invoice will automatically include the data specified in the contract register card – details of the customer, the reporting period, the total amount,…

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Accounting of working hours

Employee working hour accounting

It is possible to easily indicate the hours worked by an employee of your company or a subcontractor (calendar day, hour, lunch break time) and attribute them to a specific construction site These items can be reflected in the timekeeping…

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Work time accounting for the machinery units 

It is possible to indicate the working hours of each technical unit on specific calendar days and attribute them to the construction object or cooperation partner. These items can be reflected in the timekeeping calendar and also exported in MS Excel…

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Individual Equipment Hourly Reports

The possibility exists to automatically generate a report on the hours operated by each machinery/equipment unit in all construction facilities (or at cooperation partners) during the month – or to export it in MS Excel format.

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Delegation of tasks

 User manager

The possibility to determine the level of access to information according to the area of responsibility (company manager, project manager, clerk, accountant, procurement specialist, etc.) guided individually by company-defined approaches.

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Tasks, their overview, preview notifications

Possibility to create a work task in the system, specifying the addressee and task data (name, description, attachments, priority status, deadlines). The system reflects tasks related to a specific construction object in a single list. In it, you can review…

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Notification of tasks and changes by e-mail

The system sends an informational notification related to the task and its changes (change of status, creation of a new task) to the specified employee’s e-mail. Creator of the task also receives all information related to the status of the…

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